Episode 318 The Leaders Playlist with Susan Drumm

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by Susan Drumm!

Susan is a Leadership Coach who has worked with CEOs, fortune 100 executive teams, and more. She is on a mission to usher in a new era of Leadership: Enlightened Leadership!

Mike and Susan discuss her book, The Leader’s Playlist, and the theory within her book, unleashing the power of music and neuroscience to transform leadership and life. 

Susan explains how we all have a playlist that’s running in the background which acts as a ceiling to our leadership effectiveness. They talk about Susan’s process to help you uncover your playlist that will help you increase your impact and influence in your leadership role. They also touch on how our formative years impact our leadership as adults. Susan explains how leaders tend to play out their childhood wounds in the workplace.

Susan takes us through how music plays such an important role in leadership as it has the power to light up all the regions in the brain and activate all parts of the brain, which helps us to shift our state of mind depending on what type of music we listen to. Mike and Susan dig deep into Authentic Vs. Vulnerable leadership and how one of the largest misconceptions people seem to have about their own leadership is that what is occurring isn’t actually about the external circumstances, it’s who you’re being in the face of that.

Make sure to check out Susan’s book to gain a deeper insight into how music can transform your life as a leader here: www.TheLeadersPlaylistBook.com.

Susan is also offering a great masterclass that will help you uncover your playlist and enhance your leadership which you can find here: www.SusanDrumm.com/Masterclass