Episode 321 Leading Through Generational Diversity

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike provides a clear and impactful breakdown of today’s generations and shares his best advice on how to effectively lead each generation.

He explains how we shouldn't create stereotypes and while each generation may have certain characteristics and values, they are not absolute. Mike talks about the challenges and opportunities of leading the different generations and explains how with the right approach, understanding, and education, we as leaders can harness the unique strengths and perspectives of each generation, which will help us to create a dynamic and successful workforce.

Mike provides us with an understanding of the generational differences, characteristics, and values that define each generation as well as providing his Do’s and Don’ts for each generation:


  • DO emphasizes their expertise and provides recognition for their contributions
  • DO provide stability and security
  • DON’T underestimate their ability to learn new technology
  • DON’T neglect to provide opportunities for professional advancement


  • DO provide autonomy and flexibility
  • DO foster open communication
  • DON’T assume their resistance to change or ignore their desire for stability and security
  • DON’T neglect to provide opportunities for growth and development


  • DO foster positive and inclusive work environments
  • DO emphasize purpose and ‘why’ with clear communication and company transparency
  • DON’T assume they're entitled
  • DON’T ignore their desire for work-life balance


  • DO provide a space for them to communicate their ideas
  • DO offer flexible schedules and allows for innovation and creativity
  • DON’T assume they’re unexperienced
  • DON’T underestimate their tech savviness

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