Episode 322 Leading Todays Nursing Workforce with Katie Boston Leary

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by guest Katie Boston Leary.

Katie is the Director of Nursing Programmes at the American Nurses Association and oversees the nursing practice and work environment division as well as being a clinical well-being representative. Throughout this episode, they discuss workforce issues such as staffing, nurse well-being, mental health wellness, and workplace violence as they share how we can effectively lead through these challenges.

Katie shares her thoughts on how we can slow down the exit of talent through strong leadership and listen to what the nurses on the ground are wanting and need after the pandemic. Mike and Katie discuss the popular topic of nurses working from home using hybrid environments and utilizing telehealth, remote care surveillance, and new productivity models to decrease workloads and burnout.

Katie gives us an insight into the current state of violence within healthcare and how leaders can help battle this issue before people become desensitized to the severity of the issue. They also talk about how the better linkage between institutions where care is delivered and institutions where care is taught could help reduce this exit of talent mass issue the healthcare industry is experiencing. Katie reminds us that in crisis there is an opportunity and encourages all healthcare workers and students to use this opportunity to leverage this crisis to create change for nursing staff, students, and patients!