Episode 323 Reward and Recognize Employees from Different Generations

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike shares his best Quit Losing Talent tips on how you as a leader can effectively reward and recognize all the different generations that make up your team! This episode aims to inspire leaders to increase their influence and positive impact in how they lead others so grab a pen and a piece of paper to jot down some of the incredible knowledge nuggets dropped in this episode.

Mike’s top ways to reward and recognize your employees:

  1.  Provide verbal recognition
  2.  Offer incentives
  3.  Provide professional development opportunities/ invest in your employees
  4.  Celebrate milestones
  5.  Create a positive workplace culture
  6.  Provide flexible schedules
  7.  Provide meaningful feedback

Mike also speaks about toxic praise and reminds you that if you lead well, it doesn’t matter what generation your employees were born in, all that matters is if they connect with you as an individual. Mike reminds you that he is rewriting and expanding his book, Quit Losing Talent, which you can grab at www.QuitLosingTalent.com, to include more of the QLT framework which teaches leaders how to create a QLT culture within their organizations.

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