Episode 324 World Class Healthcare Leadership with Pierre Monice

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by Pierre Monice, Hospital CEO and President working daily to help leaders be more effective in their roles. Throughout this episode, Mike and Pierre discuss making time for personal development, how to get comfortable with asking and receiving feedback, the importance of recognition and presence in leadership, and what type of leaders we need for the future.

Pierre shares his best advice to leaders and states that if you’re not pouring into yourself, you have nothing to give. He encourages leaders to lead from the overflow, which you can do by spending ‘quiet time’ with yourself, participating in meditation and reflective practices, and surrounding yourself with virtual mentors through the likes of books and podcasts.

Mike and Pierre discuss how it can be difficult to find time to spend on yourself when you working in busy environments with heavy workloads. Pierre explains how you always find ways to pay your bills and encourages you to take the same approach when it comes to spending time on yourself. Pierre also tells us, you need to be able to delegate, and if you feel you can’t because you don’t your people to get the job done or do it as well as you can, then you’re not being a good leader.

Mike and Pierre also speak about the challenges Pierre faced in leadership to do things differently and what we need from our leaders to keep pushing forward. Pierre talks about how trying to divorce people from past traditions is one of the hardest leadership challenges he has faced in recent years. Pierre expresses how we need courageous leadership in today’s workforce as it’s not ok to be just average, and to be world-class leaders we need to be able to effectively use our skills and consistently challenge ourselves to be better. Pierre encourages leaders like you, to provide recognition to your employees, spend time with them to gain a better understanding of what they need from you and every now and then, put your team upfront and listen to them instead of teaching during leadership meetings.

Pierre provides us with an insight into his book, 21 Ways to Effective Leadership, and how he designed it to be a handbook for his younger self and current leaders. Pierre shares how each chapter has a lesson learned from his previous failures and successes along with practical ways you can implement the tools he has gained over the years.

You can find out more about Pierre’s book here: www.pierreinspires.com/book/

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