Episode 325 Resolving Overwhelm and Burnout in Your Workforce

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike talks about how to address burnout and overwhelm in the workforce.

He stresses the importance of understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the different personality traits of team members, in order to effectively communicate with them. Mike understands that chaos in the world can impact individuals differently, and shares some tactical advice that you as a leader can take right away to battle burnout and overwhelm in your team, such as implementing the DISC personality and communication style assessment.

A breakdown of DISC:

D – Dominant personalities

I - Influential/ inspirational personalities

S - Steady/ Sincere personalities

C - Critical personalities

Mike encourages leaders to use the DISC assessment to gain self-awareness and emotional intelligence to understand themselves and their teams better. Mike talks about how leaders need to teach from within and ensure they are participating in self-care so that they are not leading from a place of burnout. He suggests that leaders begin their day with an MBS (Mind, Body, Spirit)  framework to ensure they are leading from their overflow instead of draining themselves to help others. 

Mike reminds us that when we meet the needs of our people, our people meet the needs of our organization!

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