Episode 331 Celebrating Nurses with The Daisy Award

On this episode of The Lead Up Podcast, Mike is joined by Co-Founder of the DAISY Award, Bonnie Burnes.

Inspired by her gratitude for the healthcare professionals who provided care for her stepson, The DAISY Award recognizes nurses who provide exceptional care to patients.

Bonnie shares the touching story of how she and her husband founded the award in memory of her stepson, Patrick. Bonnie speaks about the challenges they faced in establishing the award but highlights the importance of recognizing nurses for their compassionate care, especially during times of high stress for patients and their families.

They also talk about the DAISY Nurse Leader Award and the Beyond Gratitude campaign, which aims to elevate the visibility of nurse managers, and has put a spotlight on the crazy workloads of nurse managers and how we can work to better manage nurse managers' roles.

For more information about The DAISY Award, how to nominate compassionate nurses and nurse leaders, and make a donation to the non-profit organization, visit www.DaisyFoundation.org. You can purchase Bonnie’s Book, Shining A Light On All The Right: Celebrating The Art of Nursing Around The World.