Episode 332 Making the Patient Experience Matter with Denise Wiseman

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast, Mike is joined by the founder of the PX Patient Experience Community, Denise Wiseman.

Denise shares her experience in healthcare over the past 25 years and her mission to create a ruckus that removes barriers to resources and thought leadership.

They discuss the importance of a holistic approach to patient experience, the leadership's role, and the ripple effect of patient experience in the workplace. Mike talks about his Quit Losing Customers framework and highlights the need for appropriate handoffs.

Denise provides her best advice to patient experience leaders. She recommends that they focus on building relationships with frontline leaders, understanding their readiness, and providing support to help them become ready for the next step.

They stress the importance of patient experience leaders being excellent communicators by understanding their communication styles. Mike and Denise also talk about how crucial it is to have a ‘why’ in healthcare, not just focusing on margins and KPIs.

You can contact Denise through LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/wisewoman1 or through email: [email protected]