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The Lead Up Podcast

Hosted by: Mike Harbour

You are looking for quick answers and shortcuts. You want better results as a leader. All leaders desire better performance out of themselves and their teams, but you don't have time to waste. The Lead Up Podcast is...

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Episode 232 Get Your Reset On with Allison Liddle

Episode #232

We welcome special guest Allison Liddle to the show again.  Allison Liddle is a 3x best-selling author of Life Under Construction, The Art of imperfect Action, and Keep Going, Co-Captian & Participant on the new...
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Episode 231 Separate Yourself in the Job Market with Sarah Johnston

Episode #231

We welcome special guest Sarah Johnston on this week's episode.  Sarah is a former executive healthcare recruiter and now as CEO of the Briefcase Coach, she helps executives and leaders approach job search...
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Episode 230 Leadership Lessons from My Wall

Episode #230

Learning from our mistakes is crucial in growth.  Mike shares some lessons from two leaders he admires.  Abraham Lincoln made many mistakes and continued to grow and become President of the United States. For...
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Episode 229 Solving the People Problem with Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

Episode #229

In this week's episode, we welcome special guests Brett Cooper and Evans Kerrigan of Integris Performance Advisors. They are sharing with Mike about their book Solving The People Problem.  Brett says, the reason...
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Episode 228 4 End of Quarter Adjustments to Win the First Half

Episode #228

Mike is teaching four adjustments we need to make at the of end-of-quarter to win the first half. Daily Compass Quarterly Planner is a tool that he uses daily to reach his goals and to stay on track. Use this tool to...
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Episode 227 Dealing with Stress and Trauma as a Leader with Quint Studer

Episode #227

Quint Studer joins Mike for another great interview on this episode. What's the difference between stress and trauma?  Quint shares, "in my opinion, I think stress is usually more short-term." There's also trauma...
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Episode 226 5 Steps to Connect with Your Employees

Episode #226

Episode 226 has 5 steps you will want to use to connect with your employees.  As we all know relationships are critical in leadership. As a leader, you have to use each step to engage and grow the relationship with...
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Episode 225 Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership with Dan Edds

Episode #225

Episode 225 is full of gold nuggets for the leader or organization wishing to improve employee engagement and leadership talent.  Mike and Dan discuss how to Crack the code of Sustainable team performance while Dan...
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Episode 224 3 Ways to be an Empathetic Leader

Episode #224

Empathy - the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is harder for some to express because it causes them to be vulnerable, others it comes more naturally.  Mike shares how the recent death...
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Episode 223 Mindset of a Sales Warrior with Jason Forrest

Episode #223

In this episode, there is gold when it comes to mindset no matter where you find yourself in life, leadership, or your sales roles you will learn a ton from our special guest. Jason Forrest. Jason is a leading...
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Episode 222 4D Leadership When Disruptions Come

Episode #222

In this episode, Mike shares 4 ways to lead when disruptions come.  Things don't always go our way and we have to learn how to redirect and focus on what we can control. We need to be able to plan for disruptions....
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Episode 221 Communicate Like a Pro with Roddy Galbraith

Episode #221

In this episode, Mike talks with his friend Roddy Galbraith. Roddy Galbraith is a personal development thought leader and speaker trainer. Roddy is honored to serve as faculty in The John Maxwell Team - providing...
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