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A Note from the Author
Mike Harbour


I have spent the last 25-plus years leading and developing people. When I left the Army in 1998 I went to work for a recruiting company helping healthcare organizations recruit leadership talent for their teams. 

Since that time I have interviewed between 20,000 and 30,000 people and leaders. I have coached trained and led workshops for thousands more. 

It is through these conversations and our consulting we have learned WHY people leave companies and WHAT will make them stay. With the current mass exodus of employees across America, we can no longer leave it to chance. I have written this short book to help you, the leader, implement 4 strategies so you can Quit Losing Talent and win the war raging on our landscape today. 

I look forward to hearing your feedback and helping you take action on the tools and ideas inside Quit Losing Talent

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"If we want staffing shortages and nauseating turnover to resolve, we need to make the strategic adjustments to the quality of work-life that we can." 

~Mike Harbour

LeadUp Podcast

Mike recently recorded Episode 276 4 Ways to Quit Losing Talent.

In 2021, 57.6% of employees turned over, with 89% of managers believing it was due to money, but in reality, 88% left for different reasons, meaning these losses potentially could have been stopped. 

Listen to this podcast to learn more about these 4 ways to Quit Losing Talent. 

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What Others Are Saying

Quint Studer

“This little book is packed with helpful nuggets. I find big changes often start with small shifts in how we think about things. Mike Harbour is a master at getting the reader to evaluate what may be long-held assumptions around what attracts and retains great people. Quit Losing Talent has a timely, even urgent, message for the many companies struggling in the post-pandemic era.”

– Quint Studer the author of The Busy Leader’s Handbook: How to Lead People and Places That Thrive

Sharon Murphy

“Mike Harbour worked with our supervisory staff over the course of a year to prepare for an agency transition. Utilizing his leadership strategies and guidance, the supervisors developed as effective team leaders and team builders with productive employees who love what they do! This book Quit Losing Talent outlines many of the things Mike helped us implement in our company"

-- Sharon Murphy, RN, ACRN CEO Emeritus McGregor Clinic

Diana Hendel

Incredibly practical and tactical.  A combination that is not easy to create but one that reflects a high degree of respect for the reader who has extraordinary demands on their time (which is every leader these days)."

– Diana Hendel, former hospital CEO, Author of Responsible



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" Tools You Need To Quit Losing Talent"

If done right and done consistently, onboarding can reduce turnover by up to 69% over a 3-year period. When not done, or done incorrectly 67% of new employees will leave in the first 90-days.  

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