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Mike's Signature Talk

4 Corner Post To High-Performance

How to plant stakes in the ground to ignite and sustain success in leadership, teamwork and communication


The facts on what it really takes to be successful in any area of leadership told from the stories of Mike’s life beginning on the small farm. Achievement and Leadership Coach Mike Harbour takes you through the steps he has implemented and drawn on up through his sports and military and leadership experience to becoming an entrepreneur and partner with John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli and other key figures in the high-performance arenas of life. Mike outlines the exact formula he uses and teaches others to create and execute on high-performance leadership.


Exploring the reality of key areas, we need to examine and clear from our current way of doing things that are limiting and even preventing our success.

Creating an image of what should be our future and the future of those we lead.

Installing a path forward from where we are today to where we should be now and will be in the future.

Sustaining the success of today, the new habits we create tomorrow and never going back to where we hate being now.

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Power Principled Leadership

Quit Talking At People, Connect With Them

The Heart Of Leadership

Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Game Changing Trainer & Coach


Great Job!

Mike worked with our team on leadership development. He was excellent in our team and in the individual meetings. Mike led us through team building that ultimately greatly improved communications and set us on a path to grow together. I highly recommend Mike!

We would definitely recommend Mike!

Mike was our Keynote Speaker at our Inaugural Build a Better Business Boot Camp. Mike's presentation on leadership kept the audience entranced. He delivered results and is still creating leaders in our town through his online sessions. We would definitely recommend Mike and plan to have him back again.


Our risk was rewarded!

Mike Harbour delivered a 90-minute keynote presentation entitled, “Recruit, Land and Lead ‘A’ Players” to 55 members of our association. Mike was successful in adding value to the attendees and received a very high satisfaction score from all those in attendance. In fact, months later, I am still receiving favorable comments about Mike’s presentation. I connected with Mike on LinkedIn and had no prior relationship with Mike or his organization. I took a risk in investing in Mike to speak to our association since Mike was not from our state of Ohio. Mike delivered on his promise to provide applicable and useful information, and his delivery exceeded our expectations. Our risk was rewarded with great content by an engaging speaker! I highly recommend Mike Harbour 


It is my pleasure to recommend him...

Mike is a natural motivator with a passion for helping people reach their full leadership potential. His recent presentation at our Healthcare Financial Managers' conference received glowing comments from participants, showing Mike to be an energizing and knowledgeable speaker. Further, I find Mike to be a shining example of his company's mission: “change the way healthcare is delivered, one leader, one company, one relationship at a time.” Although I have not used Mike's talent search services, I would expect him to give the same level of integrity and personal service in that area, as well. Therefore, it is my pleasure to recommend him to my healthcare peers.

President, Arkansas Water and Wastewater Managers Association

I first learned about Mike Harbour when a colleague emailed me a link to his website. At the time I was chairing a committee that was charged with the arduous task of putting together a robust agenda for the Arkansas Water and Wastewater Manager Association’s annual conference. We had much of the program already scheduled but were in search of someone special to be our keynote speaker. I visited Mike’s website and was not only able to learn about Mike and his background, but also view a number of video clips of Mike in action. It was after viewing these videos that I knew we had found our keynote speaker. I placed a call to Mike shortly after and we got right to it. Over the course of the next couple of months Mike stayed in constant contact with me about the engagement. What impressed me most about Mike was that he made a concerted effort to learn about our association and the work that we do. He asked questions about our needs and went to great lengths to craft a discussion that was specific to our industry. Prior to the conference Mike even spent time out in the field with water and wastewater professionals just to become familiar with our industry practices and jargon! When it came time for Mike to speak at the conference he did a tremendous job and his message was well received by the association members. Mike Harbour delivers

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I first met Mike when he presented at my leads group meeting. His presentation was a breath of fresh air and full of inspiration. Little did I know that day that he would become a mentor and coach to me. Mike’s ability to inspire coupled with his leadership qualities have provided me with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. I had planned on professional growth being a product of our partnership, but am overwhelmed by the impact his coaching had on my personal life as a woman, wife, and mother. I would highly recommend Mike as a keynote speaker, coach, or for leadership training and have no doubt that you will ask him to return.”

Jamie Bigelow

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