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The Secrets You Need To Be A Leader Others Will Follow



The Art & Science of Leadership Academy

Live and Online Tools You Need To Build A Leadership Presence in your Personal Life and the Workplace
Join the Community of Growing Leaders

Proven Tips, Tools, and Actions You Need To Know To Solve Your Biggest Leadership Challenges

  • Learn how to move from Agreement and gain Commitment from those you lead
  • Hold the team Accountable
  • Coach your team up or coach them out
  • Hire the best talent and equip them to excel
  • Easy tips to have the critical conversation every leader must have
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The Dynamic Leader Course

In this course you will learn 11 principles of highly effective leadership

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Monthly Video

We will add a new video for you to watch each month. These videos will be short and informative for you to take back and utilize in your leadership. 

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Downloadable Content

Every month we will provide you with a printable resource to help you lead yourself and your teams. Use it as a handout or to build training around for those you lead. 

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In this Virtual Online Leadership  Development Academy You Will Learn


  • The Keys to Leadership Growth
  • How to Lead Others Even When It's Hard
  • How to Build a Team of High-Performers 
  • Interviewing, Selecting and Keeping the Best Talent
  • The Mindset Required to Stay on Top of your Leadership Game
  • How to Lead Remote Teams
  • How to Have Those Difficult Conversations
  • Holding Other to Expectations of Accountability
  • And much, much more!

The Art & Science of Leadership Academy isn't just about ideas, it's about action!

Armed with 25 plus years of real world leadership and personal growth experience...not theory, we share new ideas, but also teach you how to take action on them in your life and your leadership. 

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Lessons You Will Get Access to Immediately Once You Sign Up

We have HOURS of Leadership, Mindset and Personal Growth Lessons Ready for You in the Academy 

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Purpose, Vision and Goals

Many People set goals based on the past, in the lesson we teach a whole new way to establish your future leadership and personal growth brand. 

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4-Corner Posts To High Performance

This is one of our signature teachings  and no matter the place you find yourself this lesson is for everyone. 

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BE the CALM in the Chaos

This lesson was created especially for leaders who have to deal with crisis situations and need to keep the team focused on the purpose of Leadership

What this Entrepreneur said

I made big changes this last year and one was partnering with Mike Harbour as my coach. I have never regretted one phone call, text, or email. He has been the absolute best coach that I could have asked for!

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Mike is an amazing speaker and influencer. So many could benefit from an experience listening to him!

This Healthcare CEO shares these thoughts

Mike has expertise in leadership and coaching that delivers results. He is passionate about making a difference in Healthcare through Leadership Development and Service Excellence. Authentic leader!

When Will You Say Yes To Yourself

Most people wait on someone else to invest in them. I'm challenging you to say no more, TODAY I invest in myself. I will be ready when the next challenge comes in my life and leadership

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