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The Lead Up Podcast with Mike Harbour

Great leaders are continuous learners, but in a world where time is limited it can be hard to sit down or slow down to take in vast amounts of ideas.

The Lead Up Podcast is for you if you desire to learn on the go. Almost every episode is 20-minutes or less but filled with bite sized practical and applicable ideas to use immediately. 

Mike shares from over 25 years of real world leadership experience leading teams in the U.S. Army and the Healthcare Industry as well as his mentoring from John C. Maxwell and Quint Studer.  

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Episode 237 3 Things to Know to Build Your Team

In episode 237 Mike shares 3 Things to Know to Build a Team.

Whether you are the Hiring Manager or just a leader in general hiring the wrong person can disrupt the whole team.

Mike shares the importance of knowing yourself so that you don't make the same mistakes when hiring that you have in the past.

Every interview question you ask needs to be built around the values of the organization.

Mike has interviewed 1000's of candidates for various levels of positions and reviewed even more resumes. He is very aware of how important it is to not waste time and money on someone that is not in line with where you want your team to go.

Did you know 67% of companies in America say they make hiring mistakes? One way to solve this is to have processes in place from hiring to training and continued connection after the first 90 days.

We offer some great tools on our website that can help improve your hiring process. Just click the links below or contact us for more information on how we can help you developed your hiring and onboarding systems.

The Master of Hiring Action Pack

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Episode 236 View From the Top with Aaron Walker

On this special guest episode, we are joined by Aaron Walker. Aaron is the author of View From The Top, a must-read to fully understand how to live a life of success and significance.

Aaron shares with us the importance of striving for excellence, doing the hard stuff, and surrounding ourselves with people that will lift us to be our best.

"You've got to always be sharpening your saw, you've always got to be getting the little extra edge. Not just going out there, like a bottle rocket without a stick on it, you know, spewing around everywhere."~ Aaron Walker

Aaron tells us why we've got to look outward more, we've got to look for opportunities around us to be a leader. Having mentors to help us think through our ideas and help us grow. When we can find an environment that we can be honest, authentic, transparent, and vulnerable, that we can then eradicate those things from our life and get on solid ground so that we can build an amazing life.

Listen to the entire episode for more insight from Aaron and Mike.

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