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The Lead Up Podcast with Mike Harbour

Great leaders are continuous learners, but in a world where time is limited it can be hard to sit down or slow down to take in vast amounts of ideas.

The Lead Up Podcast is for you if you desire to learn on the go. Almost every episode is 20-minutes or less but filled with bite sized practical and applicable ideas to use immediately. 

Mike shares from over 25 years of real world leadership experience leading teams in the U.S. Army and the Healthcare Industry as well as his mentoring from John C. Maxwell and Quint Studer.  

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Episode 195 5 Ways to Build Trust


Trust is the foundation of your leadership and without it you can not get others to follow you very long. 

We are in a trust deficit right now around the world. I personally had to learn this as I did not grow up learning how to trust others, or even build trust.

I share 5 ways to help you build a solid foundation with those you are hoping to influence and make an impact in their lives.

Episode 194 2 Reasons Leaders Should Begin With the End in Mind


In this episode, Mike talks about how to stay focused to reach your goal.

Mike is challenging you to get that dream destination out of your head and onto paper.

Our Daily Compass Tool can help you do this. Visit to get your copy today.

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."-Jim Rohn

Episode 193 4 R's to Increase Your Influence During Crazy Times

In this episode, you will learn 4 ways to increase your influence.

We all need a purpose to rally around- our team needs a common purpose. Its time to stand up and lead.

You can not assume they know the purpose, don't leave them behind you must lead them forward.

People will rise to the level of your expectations.

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