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The Lead Up Podcast with Mike Harbour

Great leaders are continuous learners, but in a world where time is limited it can be hard to sit down or slow down to take in vast amounts of ideas.

The Lead Up Podcast is for you if you desire to learn on the go. Almost every episode is 20-minutes or less but filled with bite sized practical and applicable ideas to use immediately. 

Mike shares from over 25 years of real world leadership experience leading teams in the U.S. Army and the Healthcare Industry as well as his mentoring from John C. Maxwell and Quint Studer.  

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Episode 240 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day

Mike shares 3 Questions Every Leader Should Ask Every Day.

    1. What am I doing to improve the experience that my employees are having under my leadership?

Statistically, 70% of employees are not satisfied with their leader. The main reason for this is they do not feel valued. Setting daily goals to keep you on track.

    2. What are we doing as a team to improve the experience of our customers?

We have to make sure that the team is trained and educated to make sure the customer has a great first and last impression. The values of the company have to be evident throughout the team. We have created 8 Ways to Create Championship Customer Service- email Mike to get more information on how to gain access to this great tool.

    3. What do I need to improve in my leadership capacity?

Is there a gap between where we are now and where we need to be? You have to find where the gaps are. It could be in communication, training, accountability, or coaching. Wherever the gaps are you have to close them.

We have some great tools for you to use to help in these areas. We have shared links below to make it convenient for you to find them.

July Webinar- Building a High-Performance Culture

Executive Book Summaries

Daily Compass Quarterly Planner

40-Day Success Challenge

Episode 239 The Leadership Challenge with Jim Kouzes

On this episode of The LeadUp Podcast Mike is joined by special guest Jim Kouzes.

Jim is a best-selling author of The Leadership Challenge.

They waste no time diving into the gaps in leadership today. According to Jim, the biggest gap is between frontlines and the senior executives. The farther you get from the leader the lower the scores.

All the ZOOM meetings and technology that we use now to communicate with our teams can take out some personalized conversations. Jim suggests making some time at the beginning of the meetings to get better acquainted with the team.

Jim also shared the importance of meeting with each individual during the workweek. This could be a 10-minute face-to-face or a phone call.

Research shows most leaders do not get their first leadership training until 10 years after being in a leadership role. Can you imagine being on a plane and the pilot not telling you they had been flying but without any training?

Leadership training is so important - leadership is about relationships.

The more you set a good example and make the values of the organization clear the more engagement you will have with the team. Studies show when employees feel like they are making an impact and that they matter the longer they will stay with their company.

Jim says they are finding in research that employees are needing more compassion and support from their leaders more than ever.

We should ask ourselves as leaders -What are the skills and abilities that I need to have, in order for them to perform at their highest level? After all, what's the job of a leader anyway to make people better, worse, or stay the same?

Listen to the entire interview for more great insight from Jim.

Learn more about Jim on his website.

You can find Jim on LinkedIn, Twitter, and FB

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