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The Lead Up Podcast with Mike Harbour

Great leaders are continuous learners, but in a world where time is limited it can be hard to sit down or slow down to take in vast amounts of ideas.

The Lead Up Podcast is for you if you desire to learn on the go. Almost every episode is 20-minutes or less but filled with bite sized practical and applicable ideas to use immediately. 

Mike shares from over 25 years of real world leadership experience leading teams in the U.S. Army and the Healthcare Industry as well as his mentoring from John C. Maxwell and Quint Studer.  

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Episode 223 Mindset of a Sales Warrior with Jason Forrest

In this episode, there is gold when it comes to mindset no matter where you find yourself in life, leadership, or your sales roles you will learn a ton from our special guest.

Jason Forrest. Jason is a leading authority in culture change programs and an expert at creating high-performance, high-profit, and "Best Place to Work" cultures. The winner of five international Stevie Awards for his training programs, Jason is also an award-winning author of six books, including Leadership Sales Coaching – rated as one of Selling Power Magazine's Top Sales Books. In 2018, FPG earned a rare honor by being named to the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies list for the third consecutive year, one of just 1,200 companies nationwide to achieve that honor out of a field of more than 7 million.

Jason shares that when he wrote the book Leadership Sales Coaching many years ago, he took the philosophy that a salesperson is an athlete, and should be coached like an athlete not managed like an employee.

There are circumstances in life, and then there's the meaning we give it. Whatever charge you have in your life that's kind of holding you back, you're putting too much meaning into it, we've got to let go of that charge.

A warrior always finds the advantage. And so what's the advantage that I can do here? How can I leverage it? You know, how can I change my thinking around this?  I think that's the message everyone needs to hear is whatever, whatever charge you have in your life that's kind of holding you back, you're putting too much meaning to it, you know, we've got to let go of that charge.

P equals K minus L. So performance is what we do. Knowledge is what we've been taught to do. But then you have to minus out the leashes.

The second type of leash is a story. So a story is anything that you kind of blame on outside circumstances or something outside of yourself.

Because the power of duplication that is it? Is that what you do over and over again, you desensitize yourself with it?

Jason wrote The Mindset of Sales Warrior, the book has 42 different strategies on how to remove the self-image stories you're locked into. The Mindset of a Sales Warrior will help you be a better husband, a better wife, a better teacher, a better speaker, a better coach, just a better influencer overall, in your general life, you can find that at To learn more about Jason you can find him on LinkedIn and FPG.

Episode 222 4 D  Leadership When Disruptions Come

In this episode, Mike shares 4 ways to lead when disruptions come. 

Things don't always go our way and we have to learn how to redirect and focus on what we can control.

We need to be able to plan for disruptions. They happen and we can't always prepare but if possible we can take the initiative.

Delay- that is the second way to lead when disruptions occur. Sometimes, it is not necessary to deal with something right away. Delays can be the beginning of an adventure. 

Sometimes you may have something on your schedule that needs immediate attention that has been planned, in that case, you may have to delay something else.

Delegation- giving someone else the responsibility to take care of something. At times leaders do not like to delegate things they think they must address. But oftentimes we must trust the people we have mentored and lead to show up in the very way we have and have taught them. This can be a good thing. We can actually see leaders grow when given the opportunity and a relationship strengthened in the process.

You will want to listen to the entire episode to learn more about each of these and the 4th way to handle disruptions.

Links to the planner and webinar Mike mentions in the podcast are below. 

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